Based on the ancient mythology Pohjola is a forever cold land far in the north.
The foundation of world pillar lies in this rugged land, just over the northern horizon. In Pohjola.
Welcome to my digital footsteps. You have two alternative paths to follow, so please select below the one you want to travel.
Pohjola Resolution presents the visual results of my content production work, for example visual results of my roadtrips around northern Scandinavia. I am a man from north, my last name refers to North and I love northern nature. We just belong together with north, so it is natural that my vision of the northern life is visible in my photos.

So, if you are interesting in photography and small stories all around Pohjola, this is your path. »
Fieldsports from North is the second side of me. As a freelancer storyteller, PR and brand consultant I want to help outdoor brands to tell their story. Mostly I do it in digital format, but I have also produced hundreds pages of printed content. All the story telling tools, photos, videos and text are in my toolbox.

I work with several outdoor brands so come and check what is going on out there!
Fieldsports from North »