Active outdoorsman, nature enthuaist and freelance writer. That is how I can basically define myself. I enjoy being out in the backwoods with all possible excuses so I cannot define myself more precise.

As often I carry the gun, I carry also my camera. I hunt because I am concerned about the balance in nature, but also because I see that all the meat nature can offer to us is also the most ecological. Old Finnish outdoorsmen wisdom says “take only what you need”. Actually you never take anything. Nature gives you if it wants to.

Why I am working as a freelance outdoor photographer is because I am fascinated by the beauty of nature. Balance and high ethics is what matters.

I also work as brand ambassador for certain outdoor related brand here in Finland, because I am also interested about technology, design and product development. I write, educate people and represent these brands in PR events whenever it is possible. Still keeping the balance between these two sides.

Welcome to read stories about my journeys around the Pohjola, forever cold land far in north!