In some phase of his career a journalist, freelance writer, editor (What ever he is) ends up writing a book.

Usually it is a huge project which lasts many years and takes all the energy and causes a nervous breakdown.

In some cases it goes easily and everything is smooth as a silk. In those cases somebody else makes a biggest work, meaning editor who collects all the pieces and keeps everything in order. In those cases the writer only produces the content, his own piece of art called writing.

I had this luxury when I participated to the project where many other Finnish dog sport enthusiasts also participated. That is called “The Big Dog Enthusiasts Guide”, edited by Mia Lääti. Thank’s to Mia about the possibility to participate to this nice project! My part was related to pointing dogs, naturally.

Here’s the link to the book store. (In Finnish). You can find also more information from Mia’s internet pages