I had again one of those mind-blasting moments yesterday. You know, that moment where you surprise also yourself. Well, to somebody that happens more often than to others by nature…

I still believe that quite many of creative people recognise the same: You have a strong intuition, but you cannot speak it out beforehands. Same applied to this case. 

I am currently working with certain photography related blog projects. They will be revealed soon so I will tell more later. The point here is that I knew I would need something more to my portfolio. I have been shooting nature a lot. Basically too much for now. I just wanted to move on and develop.

What I though I would need is more human aspect. My brother, a professional photographer and lecturer, (Check his work here) has always said that the human factor is a key element in good photography. Well, yes. But when you see that same happen in all pictures it is not anymore effective. You can make the first impression only once. Trust me, same applies also to human factor in Milky Way and Northern Light photos. If there is a person pointing towards the sky with a torch in all pictures is it creative anymore…?


Yes, I know. I also make a trap to  myself with that previous statement. Everybody are now following more precisely whether I copy something existing. Yes, I will. It might be even subconscious to copy something you have seen earlier. That is natural, it is part of human thinking process. There is not such a thing than “novel idea” anymore. Everything has been done, all the ideas exist already especially what comes to photography.

Well, but for a learning it is sometimes good to copy old, try to repeat it.

As I said, I have had a strong intuition for certain time. I would like to take some effective portraits. I started to think which are the most classical elements of portrait photography, and I found some.

First you need a great model. Then you need certain lightning, most probably quite soft one. Then you need a good environment as an background. Just for a background because the model would be in main role.


But I didn’t want to make a person only staying still, sitting etc. I just wanted something more. I want to remind that I actually did not know what at this point. That might be called creativity but it is frustrating sometimes. If you don’t know what you’re doing when you start you have big possibility to fail.

Anyway. It is an amazing feeling when the pieces of a puzzle start to match, accidentaly.

I found suitable person who seems to be also great on posing, together with her we also found good basic idea for these photos. A horse is always impressive object in photography. When I heard it is black I just got an idea about high contrast photos, probably black and white and there we ended up to next step. Klap klap klap. Piece by piece puzzle was assembling.

But I didn’t knew yet the basic theme of the shootings. I just started to shoot and we created the concept while we were shooting. It actually came out thanks to my models.They  seem to understand each others just based on intuition, which is very important behaviour model for animals.  They were just bonding with each other so naturally that I decided to use that as a benefit. ”Bond Between Us” just popped up. My two models made the atmosphere.


Doing based on intuition is also important part of creativity but can be very very stressful. It can make you also fail big time. The process is anyway educating. You learn from all the mistakes so there is no reason to be afraid. That’s why these own projects are so important. You can express yourself freely and you can also make mistakes.

So, I learned again a lot. Because there was big animal involved in shooting session, in small space, I was not able to use flash at all. I also decided to go just with the lightning the environment provided. So, no extra lightning used. That made it a bit challening but I think it also made the magic. The contrast, the combination of light and shadows, the sum of black and white. The soft draw of lens I used. Again those small pieces of the puzzle.

You have probably also already found out that I want to go light weight and concentrate to essential. That means that I do not like to work with too much equipment. Decent camera and one or two pieces of high quality optics is just enough for me.

Therefore I am again very happy with my Sony a7. I needed to use high shutter speed because the horse was reacting a bit to the situation. Therefore I needed also use high ISO. What saved me was the fact that I wanted to create certain abstract feeling with short depth of field.

Anyway, here are some examples of the amazing bond between the human and the animal. That is the best example of intuition.

DSC01703-3 DSC01882-2 DSC01843-5DSC01896-8 DSC01744-7



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