Digiscoping can be really catching. High quality and powerful optics brings the object close and makes it crystal clear. Opposite, it is sometimes very challenging.

Bright spring day like we got today here in Finland is a perfect day to practice flight pictures. Although these scopes are powerful, at bird photography they have also some limitations. Manual focus makes it challenging to take sharp, well focused pictures about moving targets, and missing the aperture adjustment requires fast fingers when you try to find quickly correct shutter speed and ISO settings.

These images about courting lapwings are taken with Zeiss Victory Diascope 85T* FL, Zeiss photo adapter and Canon 5D Mk II. This combination means that I have 1000 mm objective with aperture ratio 1:12. Whoa!

A IFO (Identified Flying Object).


Showing true colors
“Bombing” is a weird way to express love.
Bending is better.
Ever tried manual focusing to flying bird?
Landing gear down