New issue of Riista magazine is out! The cover page photo is my first cover page! Also there will be pack of articles written by me inside!

Riista, the Finnish 100% hunting magazine, is one of my main partners. Riista is a great channel for traditional articles concerning hunting methods and gear because those are in big role in this magazine.

During last two years I have been writing lot of articles for Riista. One of the main target areas has been hunting dogs. Our co-operation actually started with an article series about new training methods for pointing dogs. Six page articles in three magazines in a row means 18 pages of puppy training. That was a huge packet of information!

Lately my articles have been covering for example driven hunt of white tailed deer, some rifle related stuff etc. Another main focus point during year 2013 has been optics. The story of my year with Zeiss Victory HT 2.5-10×50 has been told in 7 latest numbers, and the final report is under construction currently. That will be the 8th article for that series. There has been also article about night vision optics etc. The work with optics will continue also this year.

I can also reveal that the clothing will have at some role in my articles in next issues.

Let’s see what else we discover! Meanwhile you can enjoy about Riista home page where content produced by me will also appear!