While test shooting rifles you sometimes want to try your skills and push you and your gear to the limits. You never develop if you don’t do it.

That is partly the reason why I started this summer a new project. After competing many early years at rifle shooting, both moose and olympic rifle shooting I found it boring. Now, at middle age I decided to set new targets and seek 1 MOA’s accuracy at 500 meters. That means I need to hit constantly (Meaning with 90% accuracy) to the approximately 23 cm target at that distance. A tough one, I know, but if you do not go over your comfort zone you never get any progress.

Ofcourse the rifle, scope, ammunition and other gear need to be able to do this also. That story will be told in my YesWeHunt article series so no more about it here.

What I can say about the accuracy in general is that for example Finnish hunters sets the goal too low. It is okay for them if they hit about 4 MOA area (11 cm) at 75 meters. Well, the moose is a big target but anyway. Should you even try to hit better?

Also our moose hunting test is way too easy. Moose hunting test means that every moose hunter should pass every second year a test where there are shot 4 bullets within 23 cm circle. 23 centimeters!! And you can sit and shoot rifle supported with sand bags!

I think you see my point. If you are satisfied to the average you get average results also. If you build your shooting skills so that you manage also more challenging shots you have always some reserve. That way you can succeed also in more challenging conditions.

I have created own exercise for developing my grip, trigger control and general rifle handling skills. I call it 3/10/10. Those numbers means 3 shots within 10 seconds in less than 10 mm group. Basically that means that the rifle need to be good to handle, the scope must be clear enough with fine enough reticle and my trigger control needs to be good.

Currently I am shooting 3 x 3 shot test cycles. Three shot group is not yet a good measurement, but making that 3 times in a row starts to count. I am learning and getting closer to the target but I have still one weak part in my gear. I have not yet found a decent silencer. Many of the aluminium ones I have tested will heat too much and cause a terrible mirage. Third shot is always a hard one because of that.

Well, fortunately I am doing some silencer tests anyway for Riista magazine so I have a good change to find my favourite.