The superzooms have come, conquered and established their place atop hunters´ guns. Wide range 5-, 6- or even 8x zooms are now here and not likely to ever disappear. Because, if there is one thing hunters need, it is the sight with a wide magnification range.

Zeiss beat the game a couple of years go introducing the first 8x zoom. The “big block” V8-series took it to the next level, as the hunting/shooting optics are now approaching my dream – the 10x zoom with over 92 % light transmission. I do know, we may never get there – we are already facing the technical limitations with the 8x zooms.

I find the present state already represents kind of dream – as the same device offers adequate low light capabilities for deer stalking and enough field of view for moose hunting. The optical compromise is no longer that big. The only drawback is the price. The V8-series and any decent superzoom, is the flagship product for the manufacturer. That too speaks volumes about the challenges of manufacturing a quality superzoom.

But now ZEISS is setting an all new standard. The launching of a brand new series, the Conquest V6 introduces a little brother to the Victory V8-series. If the Conquest DL-series, which has been on the market a couple of years has been, what Zeiss would determine as “upper middle class”, the new Conquest V6 will take its place right behind the flagship. A clear indication is the fact that the Conquest V6 takes out a couple of the smaller models in the Victory HT-series.

This makes sense, too. Scopes like 1,1-4×20 and 1,5-6×42 are the ones, where the light transmission of the HT-glass cannot be capitalized enough. The sharpness needed in daytime hunt can be achieved by other grades, too. In daylight we are looking for other qualities and the wide range of the sight is more important than the very best low light qualities.

Therefore ZEISS is now determined to pursue its own path. The older Conquest DL-series is based on the more traditional glass qualities and does not yet use the T*-coat finish we recognize in the Victory-series. The V6 however is already following its big brother and offers some of the same optical features. The objective lens is made of the renowned FL-glass and for a superzoom the V6 scopes has an exceptional light transmission of 92 %. This is achived by using the T* multi layer lens coating, for sure some new version of it. As you know, the magical T*-coat is available in several different versions. Naturally outer lenses are also covered with LotuTec layers.

FL-glass (fluoride) lenses make sure the image is sharp. It has already been used in the V8-series to compensate the dispersion of light rays. Naturally the sharpness is always compromised as lenses increase in numbers. Many of you may remember the old Victory Zeiss FL 6-24×56 and x72 –models. They have had a legendary sharp image and enough target resolution when shooting up to a kilometer. This is what ensure the 6x V6-superzoom to have what it takes to be on the top of the game.

So, optically the new Conquest V6 is already competing against the Victory-series. What is the difference then? You have to explain the price difference somehow? On very important aspect in segmenting these products is the 6x zoom. It has made it possible to leave for example the parallax adjustment out. The large zooms often “breath”, which means the image plane moves between the extremities if the zoom areas. The 6x has a more narrow magnification area so this phenomenon does not exist so much.

Another quality the Conquest V6 is able to control the price tag with, is the design of the ASV. With this new series, Zeiss introduces also a new version of ASV, pretty much similar than used in the Conquest DL-series. There are anyway some differencies so they call it the ASV V6. In fact it borrows some qualities from its American cousin the Conquest HD5. The turret is lockable and you can adjust it by pushing up the turret, as you do with Victory HT and V8, but the ASV V6 distinctively stays in the upright position. You can rotate it freely and lock it in its position by simply pressing it down.

The lower manufacturing costs are explained by not having similar caliber specific scale rings than Victory series ASV+. Anyway, one can easily check the correct amount of clicks for example with Zeiss Hunting application. The adjustment range of ASV V6 is 80 clicks. These clicks are naturally European – 1 click is 1 cm at 100 meters.

All Conquest V6-models come with an illuminated reticle – the default reticle being #60, which we already know from the Conquest DL-series. The illuminated dot is manufactured using the same fibre techonolgy, so it is small, really small. One additionally great thing about it is the adjustment of the brightness, which is done by the adjustment turret in the left side, just like in the HT-series. I find this the best there is.

One more thing the Conquest has taken from its big brother, the intelligent motion sensor – the V8-series automatically turn off the dot, when the gun is put into an upright position or on its side. The Conquest DL does not have this feature, but the V6 does! Another detail upgrading the V6 at the same level with the Victory series!

Finally, the most important – the Conquest V6 models. Three different models are introduced at the same time: 1.1-6×24, 2-12×50 and 2.5-15×56. Note, that the V6 has been made with a 30 mm frame, so all models are more slender than the models in the V8-series. And lighter. The heaviest, the V6 2.5-15×56 weighs 725 grams with the rail mount and the lightest, ring mountable V6 1,1-6×24 505 grams.

As always with Zeiss, all models come with rail and ring mount options. The two biggest models 2-12×50 and 2.5-15×56 are available with ASV V6. Other technical details at the end of this article.

What is my conclusion of the new Conquest V6?

Well, over the years Zeiss has played wiith the model names quite a lot. They have had Classic Diavari, Victory Varipoint, Victory HT, Conquest DL, Victory V8 and so on. As the optics continue to develop, an ordinary consumer may find it difficult to keep up and position the new products. Anyway, the current Conquest DL with a 4x zoom is optically clearly better than the old Classic Diavari and the Victory HT a lot more advanced than the old Victory Varipoint series.

The Conquest V6-series does not make life any easier – even if it is the same Conquest-series with its little brothers, it boosts with the optical qualities of the Victory-series. The rumours tell that the V6 a lot better than the old Victory Varipoint. It is not as advanced as the HTseries when it comes to light transmission, but it does offer a larger magnification area.  V6 is more slender and lighter package compared to the Victory V8-series, which offers the same 92% light transmission. V8 on the other hand still offers a brilliant zoom area with possibility to use high magnifications in low light conditions, and advanced ASV+ with 100 clicks. It is not going to be easy to choose between all these fine gadgets!

One of the perks seems to be price, despite being ahead if the competition, Zeiss has managed to make some wise choices and place emphasis on the right things to make its novelties a little bit lower priced compared to their predecessors. The Conquest V6 will be available between € 1.400 – 1.900, so bearing in mind its 6x zoom, it offers a really competitive choice. Rail mount does not anymore rise the prize and the ASV V6 has also reasonable 180 € prize tag.

There is now some serious superzoom in upper middle class!

Models and technical details

Conquest V6 1,1-6×24

Magnification: 1,1-6,5

Field of view: 38,1 m – 6,6 m/100 m

Eye relief: 90 mm

Adjustment range: 300 cm/100 m

Lenght: 290 mm

Weight: 505 g (Without rail)

Prize: 1.395 €. No extra cost for rail mount.


Conquest V6 2-12×50

Magnification: 2-12x

Field of view: 20,5 m – 3,4 m/100 m

Eye relief: 90 mm

Adjustment range: 250 cm/100 m

Lenght: 335 mm

Weight:620 g (Without rail)

Prize: 1.595 € + ASV V6 180 €. No extra cost for rail mount.

Conquest V6 2,5-15×56

Magnification: 2,5-15x

Field of view: 16,4 m – 2,7 m/100 m

Eye relief: 90 mm

Adjustment range: 200 cm/100 m

Lenght: 352 mm

Weight: 690 g (Without rail)

Prize: 1.695 € + ASV V6 180 €. No extra cost for rail mount.

Read more from ZEISS Conquest V6 home page.



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