• Lapua blog III

    …and now it is time for the last part of the rifle caliber article series. I hope you  have enjoyed, and received some more information about the topic! You can find the article following this link to the Lapua blog

    Ville Pohjola No responses 26.1.2017
  • Lapua blog II

    Part 2 of my blog article series related to hunting rifle caliber selection is now public. If you are still interested about the topic go and read more at Lapua blog!

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  • Lapua blog I

    Choosing suitable caliber for one’s hunting rifle can sometimes be very complicated. What confuses atleast the one who is buying his/her first rifle is the amount of myths and marketing guys jargon. Typical result is that hunter picks the easy one, and gets an compromise. What matters is fitting the most important element, the bullet, […]

    Ville Pohjola No responses 29.12.2016
  • Story of 6.5×47 Lapua part 2

    Alright! Did you read the first part of my 6.5×47 Lapua article series? Great! Now the second part is public! Here you can check the last bit of information about the cartridge development. Lapua Blog: The story of 6.5×47 Lapua Part II

    Ville Pohjola No responses 2.3.2016