• ZEISS Conquest V6

      The superzooms have come, conquered and established their place atop hunters´ guns. Wide range 5-, 6- or even 8x zooms are now here and not likely to ever disappear. Because, if there is one thing hunters need, it is the sight with a wide magnification range. Zeiss beat the game a couple of years […]

    Ville Pohjola One response 3.3.2017
  • Moments

    Just some examples of my photography work.

    Ville Pohjola No responses 6.3.2016
  • ZEISS V8 and HT at long range

    Second part of the ZEISS Sport Optics Finland instructional video series. This time we were shooting with Victory V8 and Victory HT scopes equipped with ASV+ ballistic turrets. The V8 has new LR (Long range) version of ASV+, with more clicks for higher elevation setting. Really superb for distances like 500 meters and up. There […]

    Ville Pohjola No responses 2.4.2015
  • Video production ongoing!

    First instructional video for ZEISS Sport Optics Finland done and published. First trial, we tested some sort of “home-made by kotona” stuff there, just to see the reactions of audience. Is it easier to reach normal people with a normal video? Let’s see. Anyway, this is first of the series and shows also some hints […]

    Ville Pohjola No responses 16.3.2015