• Second blog article at ZEISS LENSpire

    You have already enjoyed my first ZEISS Batis lenses related blog article. Now it is time for the second one because my next article is now published at ZEISS LENSpire. The theme is same as here in my own blog but now the twist is bit different. Go, read and enjoy!! My first days with […]

    Ville Pohjola No responses 17.3.2016
  • First LENSpire article out!

    Now it is here! I mean what I last time promised: My first article at ZEISS LENSpire lens blog. It is just a short story about how and why I finally ended up using ZEISS lenses, and also ended up studying the optical phenomenon more. I hope you still enjoy it! Here you are: ZEISS […]

    Ville Pohjola No responses 28.1.2016
  • Getting LENSpired!

    As you have seen from here -Meaning my blog- I have been working furiously with photography during 2015. Already before that I have been working quite much with social media content production. Blogging and managing social media channels beside other writing jobs has been the way to dig deeper to the topic. Hmmm….what topic? Well, […]

    Ville Pohjola 2 responses 19.12.2015
  • ZEISS Batis: Final words

    How should I start? Well, first of all: I have had some really great time. I have experienced many great moments. I have done something I have planned for a long time. I have encountered something special. I have felt myself more passionate than I have been for a long time. Just like you do […]

    Ville Pohjola 2 responses 2.8.2015