You know, playing with light is the most interesting for me. It might be that you have already found it out.

Light in all formats is an interesting element, and naturally important part of the photography. But I like also darkness. Night and astrophotography, long exposure shots. They have always impressed me.

Where you can combine all this in best format if not in light painting? It is fantastic to look great light painting photos. They are truly art, even more than other areas of photography. You know, even a landscape photography is more documenting what exists, but in light photography you always create something new.

Therefore I have now started to train myself for that subject…Got new gear, got a change to play with them also. Good thing is that I already have camera and lenses which suit well for light painting. Sony is sensitive and ZEISS renders sharp in all conditions.

Now it is only up to photographer…

DSC05585-2 DSC05583-2DSC05631-3 DSC05629-2



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