Vagabond soul is often on the road. A true wayfarer benefits from a trusted travel companion because they make life easier.

I have learned that you always benefit from good design, well thought functionalities and high quality . That’s why I select my travel companion well. I know what works for me based on “years on the road”.  During my trips I have learned what it means when the product is combination of form and functionality means. Based on that knowledge I have concentrated on certain key features in my gear. They should be lightweight, compact and ergonomic. Still they should deliver the best result what comes to quality, reliability and speed of use. What ever the product and the use of it is, the same applies to all: The best quality in the most compact package.

I have picked certain products based on attributes described above.


Sasta Clothing is a Finnish outdoor apparel manufactures which has roots deep in the last wilderness areas of Europe. Nothern Karelia, the Nurmes region offers a great test laboratory for rugged gear. Yes, Sasta products are always tested in real environment, by real users. Therefore they are ready and well tested when they are launched to the public. Sasta combines well the tradition and technology. They design products which uses for example traditiona materials but in a modern form. Wool and recycled cotton are well represented in the product portfolio, as well hi-tec Gore-Tex products. Also the design of Sasta clothing represents the Scandinavian design. All the features are selected carefully and they are placed well. Zippers, pockets, hoods, all the details work like they should. As they say: Good tool in invisible, meaning you don’t need to think about it. It just performs time after time. Enought reasons for me to select Sasta products.


ZEISS is another brand I work closely with. Our story started first with normal user-manufacturer-way. I wanted the best optical products in the markets, and I found that ZEISS makes them. The light transmission, micro contrast, 3D effect and presenting the colors are top quality. So optically they are great. The bigger reason for me to pick ZEISS products lies nowadays in another foundation. I just like their way of designing products. They think out-of-box, and therefore solve design problems in individual way. Just like an innovative company does. Therefore these products offers me lot of benefits in the harsh Nordic conditions. For example a camera lens with OLED display which works in arctic -28 °C degrees temperature. Or a product which controls are placed so that I can easily find them in darkness. Or a product which performs also in direct sun light. You know, our sun shines sometimes very low…These features are the ones I really need up here. Currently I photograph with ZEISS lenses, mostly with Batis series attached in my Sony a7. Naturally I also hunt with ZEISS optics. They are best in class. And glass also!

Third outdoor brand I am closely working with is the famous German rifle manufacturer, Blaser. I hunt with Blaser, I shoot sporting clays with Blaser and I talk about Blaser. In other words I am working as a Baser pro-staff here in Finland. I participate in product trainings, fairs and other PR events and I try to support Blaser users by answering to their questions in all possible channels. You can read my articles from  the blog of Finnish Blaser distributor NorDis Oy, and also from Nammo Lapua blog.

When you live in the country with long distances and bad roads, and you’re an outdoorsman, you definitely need a decent car. My choice is Subaru because it has two sides: It is economical and great to drive in highways, and with the real-time 4-wheel drive it takes me also off the road when needed. You can find my photos from Subaru Finland social media channels, and also from Subaru Nordic publications.